Wild Reindeer Exhibition

Hardangervidda, Norway.

When Gagarin was asked to come up with interactives for an exhibition on the Wild Reindeer our first response was to ask whether it was not too narrow of a focus for a big exhibition? After studying this phenomenal creature we had to go back and ask for a bigger space.

The 600 m2 Wild Reindeer exhibition is located in Hardangervidda National Park in Norway. The exhibition is comprised of 13 interactive installations which cover almost everything one can learn about the reindeer. Users get to explore and experience, via tangible and unique solutions, the various historical, biological and social aspects related to the existence of the reindeer and learn about the various threats that are being imposed on their habitat - mostly by Humans.

We worked in close collaboration with the exhibition curator, Torbjørn Nielssen from Spekter AS; industrial designers Michael Blikdal and Gunnthora Gudmundsdottir, Rjukan Data Service which provided the IT hardware, and the project leader, Per Lykke.

The Hardangervidda park is Norway's largest national park and it holds the largest wild reindeer population in Europe.

Gagarin received the silver prize at the European Design Awards for the Wild Reindeer Exhibition in the category of digital design.

Wild Reindeer exhibition. Music by Stafrænn Hákon.

An attractive exhibition, both visually and in terms of content, which takes visitors on an unforgettable journey through the world of reindeer, thereby increasing awareness of this endangered species. German Design Award jury 2016
Red Lamp

This installation is about the possible impact of human interventions in the area on the reindeer habitat.

Red Lamp: This installation is about the possible impact of human interventions in the area on the reindeer habitat.

Biological Adjustments

This installation reveals the biological aspects of the reindeer such as its food/nutrition, fur, nose, muzzle, and tongue, bone and blood, hooves, horns and it's natural ability to avoid other animals.

Biological Adjustments

Animated visualizations appear on a stand-a-lone reindeer when users select a topic to view.


This installation shows reindeer migration from an unusual perspective; the reindeer Bella carried the camera herself for a whole year.

Think Tank

This installation is all about getting visitors to think and reflect after going through the whole exhibition

Where do the reindeer come from?: This installation reveals the history of the reindeer's migration in the world where it followed the ice rim into the North.

Life in the herd: This installation will inform visitors on the natural behavior of a herd along with different aspects of it´s behavior and character.