UNESCO Exhibition


The exhibition serves as a comprehensive introduction to Norway's eight World Heritage sites, providing insights into the world's most significant natural and cultural areas as well as the story behind UNESCO and The World Heritage program. Our team brought stories to life by illustrating, animating, and creating an interactive world map that visitors can browse and discover, learning about all the World Heritage sites around the globe.

Developed for World Heritage Norway through a collaboration between Kvorning Design and Creative Technology, this immersive experience brings together design expertise and technological innovation to offer a unique exploration of our global heritage.

All photos were taken by Hyke Studio at the World Heritage Exhibition in Norsk Fjordsenter in Geiranger.

The UNESCO Table and The World Heritage: What, Why, How?

Our team took charge of the user interface design and the visual storytelling for the 'UNESCO Table and The World Heritage: What, Why, How?' installations, collaborating closely on the script. These interactive tables delve into the fundamental questions surrounding UNESCO and the World Heritage program.

Visitors can explore the origins of UNESCO, understand the criteria for selecting World Heritage sites, and ponder the impact of these designations. The tables provide an engaging narrative, addressing questions about the creation, purpose, and significance of the World Heritage program.
Trailer showcasing the animation
Interactive World Map

The 'Interactive World Map' is a captivating digital globe displayed on a large, wall-mounted touch screen. Designed to encourage exploration, visitors can discover and learn about World Heritage sites worldwide. By spinning the globe and using intuitive touch gestures to zoom in or out, the interactive experience mimics the behavior of a physical desk globe. Visitors can pick a site and explore information on a specific World Heritage. Visitors can navigate to their own country and even register a site that they believe deserves a spot on the UNESCO World Heritage list, creating an engaging and participatory experience.

World Heritage Exhibition: Norsk Fjordsenter in Geiranger. Photos: Hyke Studio

Vega World Heritage Center in Norway. Photo: Guri Dahl

World Heritage Exhibition: Norsk Fjordsenter in Geiranger. Photos: Hyke Studio

The Illustrated Narrative

In the process, our team generated over 200 final illustrations, accompanied by extensive sketches and storyboards. With a focus on compelling narratives, the work not only visualizes animations that bring UNESCO and The World Heritage to life but also illustrates distinctive elements of each of Norway's eight World Heritage sites. In the end, the key lies in telling these stories through simple animations, seamlessly integrating design expertise and artistic creativity to offer an immersive and engaging experience for visitors.