Reykjavík, Iceland

Hljóðhimnar is a new experience center at Harpa Music hall in Reykjavík designed by ÞYKJÓ in collaboration with the Children's Council of ÞYKJÓ, Gagarín, and Irma. Þykjós's design approach was through a careful selection of materials and forms to stimulate all senses, including motor development, sense of balance, and sense of touch.

Gagarin and Irma Studio were responsible for designing and installing various audio installations in this alien world, where visitors could activate sounds and music through playful tangible interfaces.

With tangibility and interactivity, ideal conditions are created to learn new things, and the experience will be much more impressive than when visitors are passive.

Hljóðhimnar is an integrative and active experience that stimulates the senses in a beautiful manner through play. A unique experience space in Harpa, combining education and exploration. Icelandic Design Award Jury

Tónrýnirinn allows visitors to construct a full-scale orchestra by placing physical notes on different musicians resulting in them playing their part in the symphony.

Behind the scenes

When touching the eggs- bugs- and tails- installations, sounds from the animal kingdom are being played, creating an exotic environment.

Hljóðhimnar is exemplary for how quality design can play a large role in education through play, while also sparking creativity in the minds of younger generations. Iceland Design Award Jury

Rhythm, styles, and languages in music are disseminated in a cluster of installations where visitors can slide some beats, turns some styles, or dial an opera language.

Photos: Þykjó: Sigga Ella, Sigga Sunna
Video: Sebastian Ziegler