Harpa Concert Hall

Reykjavik, Iceland

Harpa Concert Hall is one of the most remarkable buildings in Iceland. It houses the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra, the Icelandic Opera, the Reykjavík Orchestra, and others. The hall is a real focal point in the country's musical life, as many stars have performed there, be it rock, classical music, jazz, or something else.

On Harpa's 10th anniversary, a new reception was prepared to serve guests better. Gagarín was commissioned to design and produce several installations in the reception architecture designed by Sigurði Einarsson and Diljá Sigurðardóttir at Batteríid.

Visitors can delve into Harpa´s past in a dedicated area through a comprehensive timeline. This interactive feature showcases the most significant events that have graced Harpa's halls, each accompanied by a curated selection of pictures, films, and audio samples, providing a lively journey through the past.

Photos: Gagarín, Harpa Concert Hall and Batteríið.

Visitors can explore what is available in Harpa in the coming months at an interactive table. There, they can find information about all upcoming events and buy tickets through the same interface if they have a smartphone.

As visitors approach the reception, they are greeted by a dynamic wall featuring live channels and an interactive event system, all managed by the dedicated staff of the music hall. The installation ensures that every guest feels connected to Harpa's vibrant life.

Harpa Concert Hall was designed by Henning Larsen and Batteríið Architects, in collaboration with Olafur Eliasson and his studio.
Photo: Harpa