Hofsstadir Archeological Site opens

The Hofsstaðir Archaeological Site in Gardabær has officially opened its gates to the public. Archaeological excavation at this site commenced in 1994 and revealed relics from the Settlement era of Iceland.

The Hofsstaðir Archaeological Site is one of the very few sites where settlement relics are still visible on the surface. Gagarin installed three VR binoculars in the park to give visitors a sense of lost times, allowing them to peer back into history. There, they discover how the Settlement farm was constructed, what it looked like, and the main activities of the people living there. Concurrently, educational signs have been comprehensively updated, extending the exhibition from the archaeological site to the center of town (Garðatorg 7).

Gagarín's closest partners in the project were Katla Maríudóttir and Viz.

The site today.

Interact to go to another reality (back to the future).

visitors a sense of lost times, allowing them to peer back into history

Hringur Hafsteinsson Creative Director at Gagarin and Almar Guðmundsson Mayor of Garðabær

In a circular space at Gardatorg, visitors experience a new exhibit titled "Back to Hofsstaðir," where they can "grind" through the history of Garðabær from its early settlement to the present day. The grinding stone installation is inspired by a grinding stone excavated at the Hofsstaðir settlement farm.

Further information about Hofsstaðir can be found on the website, featuring educational materials.