Green Future opens at Gróska

Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark and Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland, visited “Green Future” earlier this week. The interactive exhibition, designed by Gagarin was established by Green by Iceland, directed by Eggert Benedikt Guðmundsson. Photo: Grænvangur.

Green by Iceland is a new platform for cooperation on climate issues and green solutions in Iceland. The role is to fight climate change locally and globally and to promote Icelandic green solutions while supporting Iceland‘s reputation as a leader in sustainability.

Green innovation is the mantra of today's businesses and even though Iceland has made giant leaps in that field, the journey ahead is calling for even bigger inventions, tougher decisions, and unprecedented unity!

The new Green Future exhibition at Gróska, which is designed by Gagarin in collaboration with designers Ragnar Már and Baldur Snorrason (BARK studio) introduces the new ambitious climate goals in Iceland while highlighting the best of Iceland's green innovations of today - all through an immersive interactive environment controlled by visitors.

The exhibition is specially designed for business committees, students, and entrepreneurs aiming for a better green future.