Norway´s National Parks

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The project

Gagarin designed and produced an interactive map installation featuring the spectacular national parks of Norway. Today there are 44 national parks in Norway, of which 37 are on the mainland and 7 on Svalbard. The national parks are an integrated part of the Norwegian outdoor life, and an important part of the fast growing nature based tourism in the country.

The main objective is to give visitors an overview of all the parks and let them discover the uniqueness of each park. The map installation gives the visitors the big picture, shows the main attractions and key places for each park on an interactive map, along with promotional videos and images.

The installation is in three languages, Norwegian, English and North-Sami. It is displayed on a large touch screen and will be located in the 15 visitor’s centres throughout Norway. The project has been implemented in close collaboration with the client, the Norwegian Environment Agency overseeing the project on behalf of the National Parks of Norway.

Our role

Project management
Conception and development of the installation
Media design
Graphic design
Interaction design