West-Telemark Museum

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The project

The Statkraft exhibition centre in West-Telemark Museum in Eidsborg, Norway, is dedicated to the history of hydropower in Norway. Gagarín designed and developed an installation that allows visitors to learn about the challenging task of harnessing hydropower within a system of multiple hydropower stations.

Visitors interact with the installation by turning one of the knobs to get a sense of how to control the water flow through a power station within the Tokke regulation area. The area is a widespread system of lakes, power stations, water tunnels and rivers.

The use of tangibility combined with game like components makes the user experience more intuitive, playful and therefore memorable. The main challenge is to produce the right amount of hydropower energy without wasting any water and to fit the energy need that changes day by day throughout the seasons.

Our role

  • Concept and storytelling
  • Interaction and experience design
  • Digital design
  • Software and media production
  • Project management of digital experiences

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