The Gagarin family is growing!


Eiður Sveinn Gunnarsson, Haukur Steinn Logason og Hermann Ingi Ragnarsson.

Three developers have joined the company to work on a new and exciting product development project codenamed MapExplorer. The project aims to create a reusable core to tell polished interactive stories through time and space.

The team members are Haukur Steinn Logason, Eiður Sveinn Gunnarsson and Hermann Ingi Ragnarsson. In his previous job Haukur was the Head of Games and a Co-founder of Radiant Games. At Radiant he lead the design and implementation of Box Island, a game which sparks children’s interest in  the fundamental concepts of coding. The game has been downloaded over 500.000 times. He graduated from Reykjavik University in 2014 with a degree in Computer Science, during his studies he interned at the Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Software Engineering. Eiður Sveinn graduated from Reykjavik University in 2016 with a BSc degree in Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics, alongside his studies he worked with numerous startup companies in Iceland. Hermann Ingi graduated with a BA in English from University of Iceland in 2011 and a BSc degree in Computer Science from Reykjavik University in 2017. During his studies he focused on game development.

The project is in part funded through a two year grant from the Tech Development Fund of Iceland.

Created 04 September 2017