Silver Prize at the European Design Awards


Lava Centre is the winner of the Silver Prize at the European Design Awards in the category of "Digital installations". 

The exhibition was opened last summer at Hvolsvollur, just 100 km east of Reykjavík. The new Lava Centre sits between five of Iceland's greatest volcanos. The main exhibition of the Centre reveals the epic forces of nature that shape our planet and created Iceland. In addition visitors get a crash-course in Volcanology while experiencing the extreme forces associated with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The exhibition was designed by Gagarín and Basalt Architects.

European Design Awards
European Design Awards is a collaboration between leading European design magazines, made out of publishers, journalists, editors and academics that come together on a yearly basis, to gather, evaluate and acknowledge the best examples of communication design in our continent. This year, our Awards ceremony is going to take place on the 2nd of June 2018 in Oslo.


Kristín Eva Ólafsdóttir and Marcos Zotes at the award ceremony in Oslo.


Earlier this year the exhibition received:

Silver award for Media & Tecnology at the Muse Awards.
"Project of the Year" at the Reykjavik Grapevine Design Awards.
Three awards at The Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers Awards 2018 (FÍT Awards) in the category of Information Design, Interactive Design and Grand prize; best of show".
First prize at the Icelandic Lighting Design Awards 2018.
Design Integration Awards at the PVS Awards in Belgium.

Created 04 June 2018