ScreamOmeter by ExxonMobil

Gagarin had the privilege of working with ProcontraExxonMobil and Vitenfabrikken on the design and development of the ScreamOmeter installation.

In this edutainment installation people get a chance to try to break a wine glass by screaming in the same tone of the glass.

We got the job done in collaboration with great subcontractors including Finnbogi Pétursson, Erik Parr and our new partners in Italy at Boxy.

After being a central installation at ExxonMobil pavillion at the ONS 2014 in Stavanger, the ScreamOmeter installation will be donated by ExxonMobil to Vitenfabrikken (The Science Factory) to be enjoyed by visitors in the years to come.


ONS Exhibition. Photo: ONS/Kallen

Created 28 August 2014