“Powering the Future” shortlisted to the Icelandic Design Award 2016


"Powering the future" has been shortlisted among three other projects to the Icelandic Design Award 2016.

The exhibition is located in one of Iceland´s oldest hydro stations, Ljósafossstöð. The exhibition was designed and fabricated on the 50th anniversary of Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company of Iceland. Earlier this year the exhibition was awarded at the European Design Awards, FÍT awards and in November we will receive the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2016 in Berlin. The exhibition was designed by Gagarín in collaboration with Tvíhorf Architects.

Celebrating achievement and excellence, the Icelandic Design Award is given to a designer, a team, a studio or an architect for an outstanding new work, object, project or collection.

The award is given to a recent project that demonstrates creative thinking, resourceful solutions, thorough presentation and professional methodology throughout the design process. The Icelandic Design Award will be handed out for the third time on October 6, 2016. 

More information and other shortlisted here.


The aim was to create a highly interactive and modern visitor center where everyone could learn about the basics of nature of electrical power, the discoveries thet led to the mass production of electricity and the development of harnessing renewable energy in Iceland today.

Created 27 September 2016