Nomination to the Icelandic Advertisement Awards 2010


Gagarin is proud to have received a nomination to the Icelandic Advertisement Awards "Lúðurinn" for 2010. Our "Six Thinking Pencils" concept is nominated in the "direct mail" category.

The "Six Thinking Hats" is a creative thinking method invented by Edward de Bono early in the 1980s. It helps thinkers to be more effective and innovative by providing a means to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way. For last year's New Year gift Gagarin has applied the method to pencils for a more practical brainstorm meeting method.

The pencils are colour coded and each colour stands for a certain direction of thinking. Each participant selects one pencil and then approaches the discussion with a mindset matching the pencil's colour. By switching pencils the participants systematically redirect their thoughts on the subject. This ensures that the group thinks together in a focused manner.

Created 25 February 2011