LAVA: Project of the year


The Reykjavik Grapevine Design Award 2018 ceremony at Hótel Holt.

Gagarín together with Basalt architects, Irma Studio, Liska and Ari Trausti received "Project of the year" at The Reykjavik Grapevine Design Award 2018 for LAVA centre. Grapevine’s annual Design Awards seek to recognise and reward the best of design. As they say: the little notes that make the small things sweeter.

The jury had the following comments about the project:
Located about an hour away from Reykjavík on the oft-travelled Route One, the Hvolsvöllur Lava Centre gives visitors a crash-course in seismic activity and volcanology. Volcanoes are integral to Iceland’s history. Not only did they quite literally shape the island’s landmass, but they have also fundamentally affected the Icelandic ethos. Icelanders live their lives knowing that the huge power of the living earth could sweep away roads, power lines, and entire towns at frighteningly short notice. Here, a wide range of information about this vast force of nature is revealed through a series of impressive spaces, all eye-catching and loaded with interesting facts.

From a highly Instagrammable corridor with a glowing relief of Iceland on the left wall, you arrive in a spacious hall with interactive wall displays: point your hand at a hot spot, and an information box will magically open up. Through a dark, loud, vibrating hallway, there’s a huge room with a large-scale sculptural representation of the tectonic rift that lies below Iceland, followed by a room of immersive floor-to-ceiling video displays that show volcanic eruptions in action, from the first distant plume of smoke to the ash storm that follows. The whole experience is sensual, informative, slick, and fascinating.

Created 04 April 2018