Grand Prize; best of show for LAVA!


Our designers received three awards at The Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers Awards 2018 (FÍT Awards) in the category of Information Design, Interactive Design and Grand prize; best of show" for Lava Centre.

The FÍT jury had the following comments about the project:
"A project on a grand scale with attention to detail. A successful execution that reflects nature´s powers. Attention to type, use of color and graphics where every angle of the project meets in a captivating interactive environment." 

"A project that works well with both the subject and the presentation of complex information in a unique and ambitious way. An impressive project that moves the viewer and is full of surprises".

"Bravo! A world class innovative museum experience"

Lava Centre sits between five of Iceland's greatest volcanos. The main exhibition of the Centre reveals the epic forces of nature that shape our planet and created Iceland. In addition visitors get a crash-course in Volcanology while experiencing the extreme forces associated with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The exhibition was designed by Gagarin in cooperation with Basalt architects

The annual FÍT Awards celebrates the best Icelandic graphic design. During DesignMarch, The Association of Icelandic Graphic Designers hosts an exhibition where awarded projects will be on display.

Created 14 March 2018