First prize for the light design at LAVA!

Gagarín together with Basalt architects and Liska received the first prize at the Lighting Design Awards 2018 in Iceland for LAVA centre

The jury had the following comment about the project:

"It is a unique project for many reasons. The aim is to provide visitors with insight to Iceland's natural history, geology and the enormous power of the country's volcanic activity through participation and tangible interaction. The project is ambitious in terms of the high-tech and sophisticated design and different materials, media content and lighting work together as a whole to create an immersive experience for the visitors. The project is a living example of how interdisciplinary collaboration between architects, lighting designers, multimedia experts and other professionals can deliver a spectacular work of art."

Lava Centre sits between five of Iceland's greatest volcanos. The main exhibition of the Centre reveals the epic forces of nature that shape our planet and created Iceland. In addition visitors get a crash-course in Volcanology while experiencing the extreme forces associated with volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The exhibition was designed by Gagarin in cooperation with Basalt architects.

Big thanks to Ljóstæknifélag Íslands!

Created 26 March 2018