Gagarin to develop interactive exhibits for Breheimsenteret


Jostedal Glacier National Park / Photo:

Gagarin will be responsible for the design and development of new highly interactive exhibits for Brehemsenteret in Norway which will be developed in the months to come. Breheimsenteret which in summer 2011 was totally destroyed in fire is now being rebuilt. A new exhibition designed by Paal Sundhell will be installed and the reopening of the centre is scheduled in spring 2013.


On Thursday July 28 2011, late in the evening, Breheimsenteret was totally destroyed in a fierce fire. The reopening of the centre is scheduled in spring 2013.

Breheimsenteret is a visitor's center at the entrance of two National Parks, Breheimen and Jostedalabreen. Near by are also Jotunheimen National Park and Reinheimen National Park.

The name Breheimen means "home of the glaciers", since the area  has many glaciers, including Norway's largest glacier, Jostedalsbreen. Around 600,000 people visit the park every year.


The movement of the glaciers contributes to constant changes in the landscape. Photo: Kristián Holec (


Photo: Kristián Holec (

We look forward to be a part of this project in the coming months.

Breheimen National Park

Webcam from the construction

Created 01 October 2012