Fifty years since Yuri Gagarin’s flight in space


On 12th of April 1961 Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space when he orbited the Earth in Vostok 1.

As the rocket engines ignited, Gagarin called out "Poyekhali!" - "Let’s go!"

The flight lasted 108 minutes, including 89 minutes in space travelling at 27,400 kilometres per hour. After reentry into Earth's atmosphere, Gagarin ejected from the craft and landed safely by parachute.

Today on 12th of April 2011 the Gagarin team celebrates the 50th anniversary of this event. Yuri Gagarin has been an inspiration to pioneers all over the world and this legendary figure has truly motivated us at Gagarin ltd. over time.
A film about Gagarin's spaceflight:


Created 12 April 2011