Wyss we’ll miss


Team Gagarín (Atli was out of the office)

Last summer, the Gagarin team was joined by a very talented designer, Sebastian Wyss, an intern from Lucerne, Switzerland.

Sebastian came to Iceland as an Erasmus exchange student to work on his degree in graphic design at the Fachklasse Grafik Luzern. Sebastian has contributed to various interactive design projects with creative ideas and carefully crafted illustrations - but has not been serving any coffee. When asked if he has learned something during this period at Gagarín Sebastian answered: "There are many people involved to create an exhibition and it was so good to have an insight in the different tasks. Also I learned a lot about volcanoes and whales, which was a nice side experience while working on these projects".

When leaving Sebastian says he´ll miss the Icelandic sky the most and how the empty landscape can change its look completely in short time, as well the weekly sea swimming sessions with the Gagarin staff—and the Icelandic Skyr.

We will miss him a lot when he escapes the stormy island at the end of the month!


In the North Atlantic Ocean Sebastian swims like a seal and is not afraid of the cold temperature. The lowest sea temperature so far this winter was 3.8 degrees!


Sebastian Wyss


For our housewarming party Sebastian illustrated the Gagarin sheep, Boctok-1 on a whiteboard.

Created 22 November 2016