Thoughts from our intern


Milena Bühler

This year, the Gagarin team was joined by a very talented graphic designer, Milena Bühler, an intern from Fachklasse Grafik in Lucerne in Swiss.  When asked if she could share some thougts about her stay in Iceland, Milena answered:

"Having already been to Iceland two years ago I thought I already knew a lot about it… but I was very wrong. The time spent in Iceland and Gagarin was filled with learning new things every day.

Mostly working on Thingvellir national park, I thought it was really cool to see it from being a construction site with almost nothing in it to the finished product. Through that I also learned about Icelandic history regarding the parliament.

A big part of what I learned was also about the cooperation that goes on with the clients, the employees at Gagarin and also third parties helping with the project. It was great to see that many people working together and it becoming one in the end."

We will truly miss Milena and we wish her all the best in the future!

Created 17 December 2018