Thoughts from our intern


This winter, the Gagarin team was joined by a very talented graphic designer, Anna Fuchshuber, an intern from University of Applied Sciences in Munich.  When asked if she could share some thougts about her stay in Iceland, Anna answered:

When I arrived in Reykjavík for the first time, I immediately noticed the big ice-cream parlor around the corner of my apartement. My first thought was, that it´s impossible for them to even sell a dish of ice cream. That was in early November and it was already pretty cold and dark.

I told myself: ”Selling ice-cream in winter! That is like selling saunas to people in the desert of Sahara.”

The next day I reported my working colleagues about my discovery, the ice-cream parlor. They looked at me with big eyes!

Turned out that icelandic people adore ice cream, just in every season of the year.

In Germany, the ice-cream parlors are closed during winter or they sell something else. And I have to admit that the icelandic people are doing it cream is just wonderful.
No matter which temperature is has...


Illustration by Anna Fuchshuber.

Created 26 March 2018