Nils Wiberg at the ICOM General Conference


Nils Wiberg, Interaction Designer at Gagarin.

Nils Wiberg will be going to the international council of museums conference this fall in Kyoto Japan. It will host 3,000 participants to the ICOM General Conference. This triennial gathering promises to inspire a range of discussions and exchanges on museum-related issues. Through sessions, excursions, workshops, and more, participants will be able to engage with other museum professionals and enthusiasts to broaden their experience and understanding of museums around the world. Nils will be giving two presentations at the conference, one in Kyoto about the challenges facing the communication around the climate change issue and another in Osaka natural history museum about tangible and immersive interaction as a means of engagement in the museum space.

The ICOM General Conference, held every three years, provides an important opportunity for ICOM members from 138 countries and territories to share experiences and future prospects and to advance expertise and leadership in the field of cultural heritage and museums.

Created 26 August 2019